Our special mission: KEPALA combines fashion with art. From the canvas to limited designer creations.

To create our unique fashion pieces KEPALA uses high quality materials with creative designer cuts and unique printing processes. The complex and extremely delicate multi-layer screen print turns the work of young, thriving artists into innovative fashion. Intensive colours. Expressive. True to the original. Producing master pieces that leave the impression the artwork was created directly on them. 
This is why our collection is strictly limited. No two pieces are the same, no reprints. The clothing is strictly pro drop. KEPALA is individual. People who wear KEPALA represent art.

After each collaboration the KEPALA studio invites new artists to use our platform and show their talent. A part of the sales goes directly to the artists which is very important to us. KEPALA is passionate about art and aims at providing artists with a new form of canvas, make art part of life.
KEPALA loves art and KEPALA loves fashion.